V-i-G Vacuum insulating Glass Products Database and Solutions...

V-i-G (vacuum insulating glass) can use multiple types of Low-E glass or Fuction glass to achieve different optical and thermal effects. It can also be composite with laminated glass or insulating glass to achieve better insulation and sound insulation effects.

V-i-G vacuum insulating glass


V-i-G Standard vacuum insulating glass

Note: The V-i-G standard thickness include: 3+0.15V+3, 4+0.15V+4, 5+0.15V+5, 6+0.15V+6,Total thickness is from 6 to 12mm.  Minsize: 200X300mm; Maxsize: 1500X2500mm

01. Top Insulation and Comfort

The heat transfer coefficient can be 0.5W/m2K, easily breaking the limit of triple insulating glass, which means that the room keep more warmer and comfortable in winter and heat energy consumption can be save.

02. Better Visible Light Transmission

15% higher than Triple IG, making windows brighter. It also means obtaining more solar heat in winter.

03. Thin is the Key

The thinnest 6mm means ecological transportation and easier installation and replacement etc.


V-i-G Laminated vacuum insulating glass

Note: V-i-G laminated (3mm+PVB+3+0.15V+3) can achieve better sound insulation , prevent ultraviolet radiation and theft. It is safer to use on daylighting roofs, and the double-sided V-i-G laminated can achieve a sound insulation level of up to 42dB.

04. Top Sound Insulation

Single side laminated V-i-G with 39dB better than Standard. Both side can be 42dB

05. Better for Horizontal Installation

The U-Value does not increase than IG when installed horizontally or obliquely

06. Flexible and wide Range

Thin make the thickness more flexible. And have multitude of shapes.  suitable for all range of buildings, whether it is old or new buildings


V-i-G Hybrid vacuum insulating glass

Note: V-i-G Hybrid not only further improves insulation and sound insulation, but also greatly reduces heat transfer at the edges of the vacuum insulating glass through the warm edge, making the thickness more flexible and suitable for new and old buildings.

07. Material 100% Recyclable

The materials used in vacuum glass pay attention to environmental protection, and can be 100% free of toxic heavy metals and recyclable

08. High Surface Strength

The maximum surface stress can reach above 90Mpa, providing better impact resistance and safety

09. Long Service Life

After long-term durability and reliability testing, our service life has been proven in hundreds of projects. Our warranty is 15 years, and the actual service life is more than 25 years.

V-i-G Standard window

V-i-G standard window

V-i-G Hybrid have better edge thermal insulation


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